Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bit-Bit the Baby

Bit-Bit wanted to make sure we don't forget that he is our baby too!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Carter's Birthday

Carter Max Ewing invited us to his first birthday party and yes this was a few weeks ago but I figured I would still post the pictures! Better late than never, right? This is Carter eating his cake (his 2nd or 3rd one I think, he had multiple parties). Anyway, he really was wanting to hold Georgia's hand and give her a little taste of the icing too! It was so cute!

You can tell she thought this was fun!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Strolling makes her smile!

Mama and Daddy kept Georgia while we were in New York. This is one of the many pictures they sent us daily! She loves to stroll! Ok, so I know that I have been a little MIA lately. We have been so busy. I have pictures from the South Carolina game that I need to post. We also just got back from New York and I need to post some of those pictures too. I am not sure when I will get them all posted. See the problem is that most of the pictures are on the camera in Tatum's truck and I keep forgetting to get it out! So as soon as I remember I will get the rest posted and get my blog up to date. I just figured I needed to post something before I got fussed out for being a bad blogger.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

4 Month Checkup

We sent to see Dr. Dennis this morning for our 4 month checkup. Georgia did not have a fun time at the doctor. She poked her lip out and cried big time when Dr. D put the stethoscope on her bare skin! She screamed after the shots also, but what baby doesn't, right.......?

She weighs 14lbs and 6 oz. and is 25 /12 inches long! He said she was right at the 75% mark for weight and height. Sorry we have no photo for this post! It was not a good time for pictures today!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Big Girl Eating Baby Food

Georgia turned 4 months old yesterday and she has started eating some baby food. We started with just plain cereal but she didn't like it too much. Per Aunt Holly, we decided to mix the cereal with pears and she loves it! Here she is eating and she totally got the hang of it quickly!

She wasn't as messy as I expected her to be. She opens up wide and doesn't spit much out!
After she ate she just passsed out! I have never seen her fall asleep so fast! I think I am going to have a good eater on my hands. I will keep you posted on how she likes other foods!